Experts recognize the importance of involving youth in charitableSt. Dominics Painting2 activities in order to develop the next generation of philanthropists. Children who volunteer are twice as likely to donate as adults. Youth philanthropists grow up to be adult philanthropists.

As part of National Catholic School Week, the students from St. Domonic’s Elementary School painted bowls for Horizons’ upcoming Empty Bowls Fundraiser on March 22nd. These children learned about the hunger issues facing citizens in their own community and took an active part in the fight against hunger.

Parents strive to teach compassion to their children. The logical nextSt. Dominics Painting1 step is teaching philanthropy. Beyond compassionate feelings lies a world in need of action.  Today’s youth are the adults of the future. Instilling philanthropic values in children, teens and young adults is vital to solve community and global issues.

Horizons is grateful to the many students who are taking part in Empty Bowls this year. These students have the power to influence their generation and to make our community a better place.