The scarcity of healthful food options for low-income people is causing an alarming rise inSalad Picture obesity for individuals living in poverty.  These individuals often buy the cheapest food available even though they know it’s not the healthiest.  The rising cost of fresh produce and lean meat choices put a healthy diet out of reach for most low-income families.

Poor diet choices often result in a myriad of health problems ranging from diabetes to heart disease.  The risks associated with poor nutrition are many and obesity is one of the major concerns that individuals face when they eat poor diets. Foods that are considered to be of poor nutritional quality are those that are high in fat, calories, salt, sugar, and cholesterol, and contain little to no vitamins or minerals. This includes fast food, processed foods and snacks, candy, cake, cookies, and soda just to name a few.

For many individuals, their meal at Horizons is their only source of fruits and vegetables. Our nutrition goal is to optimize every available resource for fresh fruits and vegetables, and in turn work to prevent obesity and other chronic diseases.  Horizons and their partners are working together to create a healthy, thriving community.  Please consider how you can help us make this goal a reality.