We strive to provide a nutritious meal every day every day at Horizons and Horizons Social Services - Soup Kitchen - Asparaguswe have been blessed to be the recipient of many wonderful donations of fruits and vegetables. These donations are critical as they provide numerous health benefits for the individuals and families we serve.

It’s a proven fact… food insecurity directly translates into poor nutrition. Members of poor households in which it is consistently hard to afford enough high-quality food, end up eating nutritionally risky diets.  The issue of diet quality in low-income and food-insecure groups is a very serious issue.  Low-quality diets are usually characterized by large amounts of starch and refined sugar which are empty calories that predispose people to becoming overweight and definitely increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Studies suggest that in such homes, adults and teens, rather than very young children, are the most likely to be subsisting on diets low in vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, grains and meat.Horizons Social Services - Soup Kitchen - Nutritious Meals Over the long term, food insecurity could be expected to precipitate and complicate diet-related chronic diseases.

Please consider how you can help Horizons meet their goal of providing healthy, nutritious meals to the low-income families of our community.