The Midwest Food Bank rolled into Quincy today with 12,000 poundsMFB Donation of food and not a minute too late.

High tides of daily, negative news and food insecurity statistics sing sadly, but here is a motivating, joyful song about a small army of people from all walks of life that are sharing His blessings.  His blessing of food, for His people who are in need.  This 12,000 pounds of food was distributed to ten local area food pantries.

Horizons Soup Kitchen had people lined up out the door for the entire lunch hour today, but no one left hungry, because we were able to share the blessing of food with more than 120 individuals.  Horizons was blessed not only with the Midwest Food Bank donation today, but also the service of 15 volunteers who served as the hand and feet of Jesus. soup kitchen line

Is Hunger a problem in our community???

Only if you are a child… who can’t concentrate in school because he didn’t eat dinner last night. Children from food insecure, low income households are more likely to experience irritability, fatigue and difficulty concentrating compared to other children.  This can make performing in school very difficult. According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap study, 1 in 4 Adams County children, are unsure of the source of their next meal.

Justin’s mom Tina uses the Horizons Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry to supplement their household food supply.  Justin is able to focus on his school work and not his rumbling stomach because of the support his family receives from Horizons food relief programs.