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Dustin Hall


When a child is born into poverty, they have little control over their health and their quality of life. In many cases, children cannot make the choices that many of us take for granted.  I believe that every child has the right to be safe, healthy, educated and free to be the individual they wish to be. This is a human right. I’ve dedicated myself to this belief, and I will continue to push myself and those around me to make a difference in the lives of underserved children and adults living in our community,” says Hall.

Hall adds, “I joined Horizons because I believe that a major cause of food insecurity in our community is caused by a lack of understanding of those who live a different reality from our own. Horizons provides a solution, educating volunteers about the cycle of poverty and the issues faced by people living in poverty.  I want to help guide volunteers through that learning process, encouraging them to always look for the helpers in the world, always focus on how easy a smile is made, and keep working to influence any given moment positively. I believe in Horizons because Horizons fosters an atmosphere of hope, love, and acceptance behind every meal.

Jana Hattey

Jana Hattey

Peoples Prosperity Bank

Jana Hattey

Mike McLaughlin

Police & Fire Commissioner
Chairman Mid America
Intermodal Port District

Jim Molidor

CEO Warehouse Bargains

Jana Hattey

Travis Friye

Bergman Nurseries
Madison Park Christian Church
Junior High Ministries

Jana Hattey

Dr. Michaela Fray Tappe

ROE #1 Director of Professional Learning